Halloween 🎃 Paper Pumpkin

Hi, In this blog post we will create Pumpkin Halloween with the A4 Size Paper. Are you excited to make your own pumpkin Halloween but with the paper? So let's get started...

Halloween Paper Pumpkin

Things Used in this Project

  1. Pumpkin Halloween Stencil on A4 Size Paper

  2. Scissor

  3. Glue

  4. Scale


Making a Halloween with the real pumpkin is some tricky for the kids or Students. Because for that you have to first need a Complete Pumpkin. But with the paper you can make it anytime. Because Paper is everywhere. So we decided to make a pumpkin Halloween with the paper.

This activity is inspired by Polyhedr in instructables craft. Now see the step by step instruction to make your own Paper Pumpkin Halloween.

Steps to Create the Paper Pumpkin Halloween

Step:1 Download this Paper Pumpkin Stencil. And print it out on a A4 sheet.

pumpkin+icosahedron (1)
Download PDF • 33KB

Step:2 Collect all the things in your workplace which are using in this project.

Step:3 Now start cutting the paper with the help of Cutter or Scissor.

Step:4 Cut the each corner of the design sharply.

Step:5 After properly cutting the paper now crease the each fold line with the help of scale.

Step:6 Now give it a shape of pumpkin Halloween by gluing each join with each other according to numbering.

Step:7 That's it. Now your paper pumpkin Halloween is ready

See the below video for more clarification...

***Happy Creating***