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An IoT pedometer DIY kit is a package of electronic components and instructions that allows you to build your own IoT pedometer device. The kit typically includes a microcontroller, such as an Arduino, along with an accelerometer sensor, resistors, and other necessary components.


The instructions provided in the kit will guide you through the process of assembling the components and writing the code to program the microcontroller. You will need some basic knowledge of electronics and programming in order to successfully complete the project.


Once assembled, the IoT pedometer DIY kit can be used to track the number of steps taken by a person throughout the day. The accelerometer sensor measures the movement of the pedometer and transmits this data to an IoT platform or server for analysis. This can be particularly useful for fitness tracking and monitoring physical activity levels.


Overall, building an IoT pedometer DIY kit can be a fun and educational project for anyone interested in electronics and IoT technology. It can also be a practical solution for tracking fitness and physical activity levels. Shipping is free only within INDIA.


Transmit Time: under 3-5 business days.


₹2,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,999.00Sale Price
Excluding Taxes
  • Under 3-5 Business Days.

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