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Students in grades 6 through 12 have the amazing opportunity to explore and demonstrate their

passion for a particular skill and receive the necessary technical and vocational education training

(TVET) to harness this passion at IndiaSkills Junior, a first-of-its-kind skill competition founded by

the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in collaboration with the Central Board of

Secondary Education (CBSE). The tournament is in line with its parent, IndiaSkills, which is the

greatest skill competition in the nation and strives to find talented and skillful young people and

prepare them for international contests.

The competition aims to provide students with hands-on knowledge of both established and

emerging skill categories, as well as access to industry professionals who will mentor them

throughout IndiaSkills Junior. Students are also intended to benefit from the process and

interactions with professionals when they choose their careers.

IndiaSkills Junior is a platform that places a strong emphasis on practical learning, encourages kids

to demonstrate their skill, and provides them with the chance to be developed by business

professionals in order to be recognised and rewarded for their accomplishments on a national level.


  • Learn skills in a completely new way

  • Benchmark your skills to international standards

  • Learn from leading experts and professionals across India

  • Take a step towards creating a future-ready skilled workforce

  • Make informed career choices for a brighter future

  • Get an opportunity to compete in the prestigious IndiaSkills competition!

  • Top 21 students get an opportunity to travel to the

  • WorldSkills International competition –

  • The Olympic equivalent for skills competitions!

  • Get certificates and cash prizes and much more!

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