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Halloween Paper Bat🦇

Updated: May 1, 2023

In this blog post, we will create the Bats with 3D wings. And you can use these Paper Bat on this Halloween Day to decorate your workspace. So, Let's started...

Halloween Paper Bat
Paper Bats

Things Used in this Project

  1. Bat Paper Stencil

  2. Black Craft Paper

  3. Paper Cutter

  4. Tape

  5. Scissor

For more Clarification see the below picture to know about the things which used in this project

Halloween Paper Bat


In the last post, we have created a Ghost Badge using copper wire but that is a little bit difficult for the small children to make your own. So we try to searching that can we make something on this Halloween day using a paper and that is Bat. Which can be made by anybody with a small piece of paper.

Now see the Step by Step Instructions to make your own this Halloween Paper Bat.

Steps to create the Paper Bat

Step:1 Download the Bat Stencil.

ghkhalloween-batgarland-1564764043 (1)
Download P • 5KB

Step:2 Print it Out on the A4 Sheet.

Step:3 Carefully trace out the bat on the Black Craft Paper using Paper Cutter OR the Scissor.

Halloween Paper Bat
Paper Bat Stencil on a Black Paper

Step:4 After that creases the dotted lines with the pen or pencil for the sharpness in the wings.

Step:5 And Now fold on the opposite side as shown in the below image to make 3d Wings. And You Paper Bat is Ready.

Halloween Paper Bat
Paper Bat with the Light Eye

Note: If you have any queries regarding this Fun Activity then please leave your comment without any hesitation.

***Happy Making***

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