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Arduino Tinker Kit

Inspire, Create, Innovate

Arduino Tinker Kit








  1. Learn STEM Concepts: Master the foundations of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with the Arduino Tinker Kit, 

  2. Innovative Problem-Solving: Explore real-world problems and develop innovative solutions using the Arduino Tinker Kit,

  3. Comprehensive Learning Resources: Gain access to an E-Book packed with 20+ hands-on activities and projects,

  4. Expert Guidance: Join our free virtual classes every weekend, led by experienced mentors who will guide you, 

  5. Engaging and Fun: Discover the joy of learning through practical experimentation and building projects that relate to everyday life.


Arduino Tinker Kit Narayandojo Stemclub
All the components inside the Arduino Tinker Kit
  • Arduino Uno x1: The heart of your projects, a powerful and versatile microcontroller.

  • USB cable for Arduino UNO x1: Connect your Arduino to a computer for programming and power.

  • Wooden Base for Arduino & Breadboard x1: A sturdy platform to build and organize your circuits.

  • Screw & nuts for Arduino x3: Securely mount your Arduino for a reliable setup.

  • Screwdriver x1: Essential tool for assembling your kit components.

  • 400 Points Breadboard x1: Easily prototype circuits without soldering.

  • Push Button x7: Interact with your projects and create responsive user interfaces.

  • RGB LED x1: Add vibrant colors to your creations with this versatile LED.

  • Led different color (2 RED, 2 GREEN, 2 PURPLE): Illuminate your projects with various colors.

  • LDR x1: Utilize light to create light-sensitive projects.

  • Servo Motor (SG-90) x1: Bring motion and control to your projects with this mini servo motor.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR-04) x1: Measure distances and detect objects with precision.

  • Seven Segment Display (LT 542) x1: Display numbers and characters in a clear and concise manner.

  • PIR Sensor (HC-SR501) x1: Detect motion and create interactive projects.

  • Small DC Motor 9v x1: Power up your creations and explore the world of motor control.

  • 9v Battery x1: Provide portable and independent power to your projects.

  • Battery Connector x1: Easily connect and disconnect your battery for convenience.

  • Potentiometer x1: Adjust and control variables like brightness, volume, and more.

  • Assorted Resistor Box (150 PCS): Essential components for circuit protection and current control.

  • Jumper Wire (10M2M, 10M2F, 10F2F): Conveniently connect components and build circuits.

  • Buzzer: Add sound and alerts to your projects with this audible device.

  • Ideas & Activity E-Book x1: Get inspired and dive into 20+ engaging activities and step-by-step project implementation.


Sanchit Chirkute, The Kalyani School

Sanchit Chirkute

The Kalyani School Pune
Grade 3rd

It was a great learning experience. Enjoyed it a lot...


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Ansh Agarwal, The Kalyani School

Ansh Agarwal

The Kalyani School Pune

Grade 4th
Very good guidance and curriculum by Narayan dojo. The child required coding knowledge in a week with affordable price is simila
r to what they get in two or three months from others. We need more services from Narayan dojo.

Harsha Ruttala Narayandojo

Harsha Ruttala

It was a lot of fun doing the session with you guys and we learned a lot of new techniques to make new games.

thank you

  • Who can make these projects?
    If you are interested in IoT and want to learn more by creating a project in the healthcare sector. Then this is for you.
  • What prior knowledge will I need for making these projects?
    For making any one of these projects you don't need any prior knowledge. We are here to instruct you in making these projects.
  • what I have to do for making any one of these projects?
    Buy the Project Kit -> Schedule the sessions -> You are ready.
  • What minimum age is necessary for making these projects?
  • Will I get the certificate for making these projects?
    No, Your final project is evidence of your knowledge. So there is no certificate.
  • In which language session will be delivered?
    For the session, you can choose any language, either Hindi OR English.
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