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Perfect Circle Drawer|| Narayandojo Stemclub

Updated: May 29, 2023

Drawing a perfect circle can be a challenging task, but with the help of some basic electronics and crafting, you can create a tool that makes it easy. This activity is not only a fun art project, but it also teaches important skills in electronics and design. Learn how to make your own perfect circle drawer and start creating beautiful circular designs today.

Perfect Circle Drawer

Perfect Circle Drawer || Narayandojo Stemclub

Art plays a major role in education. The perfect circle drawer is an activity using some basic electronics and crafting to learn to draw the perfect circle.

Things Used in this Project

  1. 3v DC Motor

  2. AA Batteries or Any other power source from 1.5v to 3v

  3. Pen/Sketch Color to draw the circle

  4. Cardboard or Paper on Which you want to draw the circle


This is a basic electronics activity to increase creativity in kids. In this activity, we will draw a perfect circle using some basic and daily life tools like DC Motor, AA Battery, Colors, and Paper.

Step-by-step instructions to create this project

Step:1 Take A DC Motor

Step:2 Stick this motor on the plain surface

Step:3 Now take a piece of paper or cardboard on which you want to draw a circle

Step 4 Stick that cardboard OR Paper on the motor top.

Step:5 Give the power to DC Motor using AA Battery or any other 1.5-3v Power Source

Step 6 Place the Pen or Color on the paper or Cardboard where you want to draw the circle.

Step:7 That's It. Now your perfect circle drawer is ready.

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