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Arduino Tinker Kit is an Educational Kit based on the STEM concepts. Which gives you the ability to make something INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE based on daily life problems with an open mind.

                This kit is specially designed for the beginner or starter to understand the basic STEM concept. So, with this kit, you will also get an E-Book with 20+ basic to advanced activities or Projects, and also you will get the free virtual classes each weekend by our mentors to solve your problems and also to give you new ideas.

Shipping is free only within the INDIA

Transmit Time: under 3-5 business days.


What you will get inside the Kit

  1. Arduino Uno x1

  2. USB cable for Arduino UNOx1

  3. Wooden Base for Arduino & Breadboardx1

  4. Screw  & nuts for Arduinox3

  5. Screwdriverx1

  6. 400 Points BreadBoardx1

  7. Push Buttonx7

  8. RGB LEDx1

  9. Led different color (2 RED, 2 GREEN, 2 PURPLE)

  10. LDRx1

  11. Servo Motor (SG-90)x1

  12. Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR-04)x1

  13. Seven Segment Display (LT 542)x1

  14. PIR Sensor (HC-SR501)x1

  15. Small DC Motor 9vx1

  16. 9v Batteryx1

  17. Battery Connectorx1

  18. Potentiometerx1

  19. Assorted Resistor Box(150 PCS)

  20. Jumper Wire (10M2M, 10M2F, 10F2F)

 21. Buzzer

 22. Ideas & Activity E-Bookx1

What you can do with this Kit

This kit has no limit although we will provide you with an “Idea and activity e-book “ for your reference from where you will get to know about 20+ basic to advanced level activities and their step by step project implementation process in actual, you can create more projects at your own as much as you think.

Screenshot (264).png

What you will learn with this kit

  1. Microcontroller Programming 

  2. Working and Application of different types of sensor

  3. Basic Electronics Concept

  4. The solution of daily life problem by using logics

  5. Prototyping of SMART products


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