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The Arduino Tinker Kit is a beginner-friendly electronics kit designed to introduce people to the world of electronics and programming using the Arduino microcontroller. The kit includes a variety of components, such as LEDs, resistors, sensors, and other electronic modules, that can be used to build different projects.


The kit also includes an Arduino UNO board, which is a small programmable computer that allows you to control the electronic components in your project using software code. The UNO board can be programmed using the Arduino programming language, which is a simplified version of C++.


The Arduino Tinker Kit comes with a detailed instruction manual and a variety of project ideas to get you started. You can also find many online resources, including tutorials and example code, to help you learn more about electronics and programming with Arduino.


Overall, the Arduino Tinker Kit is a great way to get started with electronics and programming and is suitable for beginners of all ages.


Shipping is free only within INDIA.

Transmit Time: under 3-5 business days.


₹2,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,499.00Sale Price
Excluding Taxes
  • Arduino Uno x1

    USB cable for Arduino UNOx1

    Wooden Base for Arduino & Breadboardx1

    Screw  & nuts for Arduinox3


    400 Points BreadBoardx1

    Push Buttonx7

    RGB LEDx1

    Led different color (2 RED, 2 GREEN, 2 PURPLE)


    Servo Motor (SG-90)x1

    Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR-04)x1

    Seven Segment Display (LT 542)x1

    PIR Sensor (HC-SR501)x1

    Small DC Motor 9vx1

    9v Batteryx1

    Battery Connectorx1


    Assorted Resistor Box(150 PCS)

    Jumper Wire (10M2M, 10M2F, 10F2F)


    Ideas & Activity E-Bookx1


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