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Scribbling/Drawing Robot

Updated: May 30, 2023

A Drawing or Scribble Robot that will draw the random design.

Scribbling Drawing Robot

Things Used In this Project

  1. 3v DC Motor

  2. AA Batteries

  3. Marker or Sketch Color

  4. A Cup/Glass/Mug

  5. Tape


Creativity is a major thing in Education. A scribble/drawing bot is a robot that generates the design or art randomly. And anybody can create this robot by using some daily life resources. This activity can help the kids to increase their curiosity to learn about robotics.

Steps to Create the Robot

Step:1 First of all taped the color sketches pen with the cup or mug as a robot leg so that the cup or mug stood up perfectly on the plain

Step:2 After that taped a one DC Motor at the top side of the cup or mug by adding some weighted thing at the top of the motor.

Step:3 Now taped the one 1.5V or 3V Battery at the top of the cup or mug.

Step:4 In the last step just taped the one wire of the DC Motor with one side of the DC motor and another wire with the other side of the DC motor. And your Scribbling bot is Ready. Place your bot on plain white paper to see the creativity of your bot.

Now make some changes in scribbling bot to create your own unique and see what happens when you add multiple sketches color instead of only using four sketches or marker. Try to use different shapes of cup or mug and see the changes. This is not only you can also try your own daily life resources to create your own bot.

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