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Halloween Ghost Badge🎃

Updated: May 1, 2023

In Today's blog we are going to create a Halloween Ghost Badge with some basic electronics tools 🛠. So, the Halloween 2020 are coming and it's a great way for the tinkerer or maker to make your own badge with some basic electronics in a fun way.

Halloween Ghost Badge

Things Used in this Project

  1. Paper

  2. Pencil

  3. 0.8/1 mm Straight Brass/Copper Road

  4. Double Sided Tape

  5. LEDx2

  6. Soldering Iron

  7. AA Battery / Coin Cell


This Fun Activity is inspired by jiripraus. So, we try to make our own badge using some basic electronics and tools. So, here in this activity instead of using SMD LED's we are using the general 5mm LED's. So, Let's see the Step by Step Instruction to make your own

Steps to Create the Halloween Badge

Step:1 First of all draw the design of your Halloween badge on a piece of paper using pencil.

Halloween Ghost Badge
Drawing of Halloween Badge on a Paper

Step:2 Now take a thin rod of Copper/Brass for creating the structure of this badge.

Halloween Ghost Badge
Thin Rod of copper

Step:3 After that start to cut down the copper wire according to your design and stick that on the paper as shown in the below image

Step:4 After completing the structure of the badge with the copper wire. This time to solder the all the joints using solder iron. But before soldering use the solder paste on each joint of the badge.

Step:5 After making the Outer Structure of the badge. Now we will use the LED (Red) as the eye of this badge.

  1. Connect the Long Leg of the LED with the Outer Structure of the badge

  2. And Connect the short leg with each other.

See the below image for more clarification

Halloween Ghost Badge
Ghost Badge with the Eye

Step:6 Now this time to alive this badge by giving the power. Use the AA Battery or Coin Cell for the Power.

  1. Use the Resistor if the current amount is more in your power source.

Halloween Ghost Badge

Now this time to Create your Own Badge On this Halloween 2020. Send your badge pics on

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