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Atal tinkering lab is a government initiative by NITI Aayog which promotes innovation by creating the workspace in K-12 schools and by providing the sensor, microcontroller, 3d printer, and other tools for innovations.

So, Narayandojo also offers the different packages for Atal Tinkering lab with full step by step instruction and with a virtual classroom for the innovation and learn with fun education which helps the students to make them creative, confident, and innovator.


Want to learn Science with fun, magic, games, craft, recipes, and e.t.c which entertain and educate your little child then funology is there. Which learn the science and STEM education-related topics in a way that can learn your little child with fun tricks. That gives the chance to explore them with an open mind.

Narayandojo offers these funology tips & tricks in a virtual classroom with a set of instructions and tools to your little child.

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